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Major Home Remodel in Westminster

Major Home Remodel in Westminster

Whether or not you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, there is one important question to ask when considering a major home remodel in Westminster; How much will this major home remodel add to the value of my home? Often the answer determines that the investment isn't worth the return. However, these major home renovations provide a return on investment that warrant the project.

Worthwhile Westminster Major Home Remodel Investments

  • Remodel within the existing structure of your home: Home projects that don’t require you to build an addition or expand on the roof and foundation typically produce more value than breaking new ground on your home property. Consider converting an attic into a bedroom, opening a room by taking down a wall, reorganizing a space, or building a deck.
  • Updated kitchens often produce a significant payoff: A major home remodel in the kitchen adds a significant percent of the project’s cost back to the home’s value. New cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, paint and hardware are great ways to reinvest in your home and create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.
  • A major home remodel in the basement is never cheap: Finishing the lower level of a house to include an entertaining area and a full bathroom will be costly, though home experts universally agree that over 75% of that investment is returned to the value of your home.

Ducote Construction: A Westminster Home Remodeling Company

Whatever the home project entails, you can trust Ducote Construction to take care of your major home remodel in Westminster. With over 35 years of experience, and hundreds of satisfied customers all over Maryland, we understand home remodeling and home repair. We aim to assess your needs and bring your home dreams to life! Call us today for a free estimate of services.

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